We deliver effective, tailored solutions.

Syndatis AIR is a modern platform for document and task workflow, successfully used by the largest organizations. A versatile engine created and implemented by people with over 20 years of experience in optimizing processes in large companies guarantee success in your project.

We use proven technological solutions and tailor them closely to the client’s needs. Our platform, thanks to hundreds of ready-made handlers, allows for quick modeling and delivery of solutions to even the most difficult problems.

We will integrate with any systems in your organization. We ensure convenient flow and processing of information.

Syndatis AIR is your processes and your data. Their security is crucial: the system has been verified in demanding corporate environments, undergoes cyclical reviews for compliance with good practices (including OWASP), and ensures compliance with GDPR requirements.

We advise

First, we will ask you many (relevant) questions. Then we will draw on our experience and suggest the best solutions.

We design

We will prepare the first version of the system, discuss it with you, and tailor it to the conclusions.

We implement

We will build a fully functional solution, integrate it with your other systems, and ensure that it works in your organization.

Simple and transparent

The ergonomic user interface makes daily work easier. Convenient filters and reminders allow you to focus on what is important. A set of essential information is always within reach and in sight.

Clever Machine

If you do not want to configure document workflow rules, the system will learn to direct them itself. What’s more, it will suggest the most accurate values ​​in the forms. The machine learning module is not only the artificial intelligence of the system, but also the wisdom of experienced designers.

Strictly According To The Rules

If you prefer to establish rules, the system will allow you to do so in a sophisticated way. The document workflows described in the BPMN 2.0 standard, supported by handling complex logic and configured calculations, will handle all, even the most difficult cases.

Versatile and Universal

A huge wealth of ready-made solutions allows the implementation of any complex business rule. Calculations, validations, standing data narrowing, suggestions, complex process conditions – all of this makes up a functionally rich system that will shine in your organization.

You Know Where You Are

Clear information about the process status allows every participant to quickly understand the situation. Email and system notifications help to move matters forward quickly.

Integration with Your Environment

We never operate in a vacuum. Syndatis AIR interacts with other systems in your organization – it retrieves and sends data, provides process actions through its own API, generates reports, and even communicates with people outside the organization if necessary. With the layer of connectors, you can quickly connect to external interfaces and retrieve data from them. Efficient integration is the key to successful implementation.

At your place or in the cloud?

Your data must be secure. Syndatis AIR processes financial, personal, or sensitive (in terms of GDPR) data. We use standard security measures such as encrypted connections and data, as well as integration with your authentication system. We constantly reinforce protection and respond quickly to the appearance of new vulnerabilities in libraries. We offer hosting in the Microsoft Azure cloud, but you can also maintain the system in your infrastructure.

Development tools

Fast development is possible thanks to efficient tools. The process and document editor allows you to build complex system logic, and forms using a special domain-specific language defining ontologies (i.e., blocks of fields connected by logic) – this is our environment that allows us to build solutions for you.

Competencies and Experience

Behind the system are people, some with over twenty years of experience. It was created by excellent professionals and is implemented by sharp analysts. We understand your needs and can respond to them, and after implementation, we will support you competently and efficiently.

We're changing processes for the better.

What business areas do you want to improve?

Do you see room for improvement here, or maybe you want to automate a different area?

Use cases

Our Clients

We have prepared solutions for companies such as:


We are answering questions frequently asked offline

Syndatis AIR fits perfectly for medium and large organizations – it allows for fast delivery of a prototype visualization and then a ready-to-use solution, but also enables smooth integration with other systems. We build interfaces with SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Symphony, HRK… we can talk to many different solutions. In addition, we have practical experience in project management and change management.

If you are looking for an IT solution to your process problems, you need not only a good platform but also experienced people. We have both.

If you have SAP, you probably know how much licenses cost and you probably distribute them carefully. You also know how long and how much it costs to implement any changes or expansions.

Syndatis AIR is an agile and inexpensive extension of ERP systems: easy to implement, efficient to maintain and develop, and inexpensive to spread throughout the organization. If you are looking for a tool that provides access to data and actions for hundreds or thousands of people, then the lightweight and user-friendly process solution Syndatis AIR is the perfect choice for you.

We will answer in an original way: it depends.

The cost components include Syndatis AIR licenses and the implementation itself – the time of our consultants.

Implementing a single, moderately complex process in a several hundred-person organization costs around 10-50 thousand EUR. Usually, the first implementation is more expensive (because just placing the system in the context of the organization costs – it needs to be integrated, configured for users, permissions, dictionary data, etc.), and subsequent ones are cheaper.

Our system undergoes regular security audits and penetration testing carried out by our (very) large and demanding clients.

We constantly update libraries and secure code in accordance with best practices. We track and implement OWASP recommendations. We ensure data encryption in transit and (upon request) in the database.

We believe that the assistance of experienced analysts helps to avoid unnecessary frustration and brings fast and optimal results. Every system, even low-code like ours, requires a lot of effort and experience to deliver the desired effects. Therefore, our system is designed from the production side to facilitate the work of our analysts and ensure an appropriate level of guarantee/SLA for prepared solutions.

However, we realize that some clients want to try on their own, so we plan to launch sandbox environments soon where solutions can be modeled independently – and then directed for implementation. Clients who decide to implement Syndatis AIR now will receive access to such a production environment in the future at no additional cost.

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